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I am living in a third floor apartment in Maryland. Weve had

Customer Question

I am living in a third floor apartment in Maryland. We've had some really hot days recently and our AC has proved extremely inefficient. We just moved in the beginning of May. I called about the problem and a tech came out yesterday and looked at the unit and said nothing was wrong. Told me that I need to turn my thermostat down really low at night and then keep as low as possible throughout the day. That to me sounds like a crock. So our AC has now been running for 3 days straight. No turning off. Steady pumping which is bad for the unit and bad for our power bill. While it has been running for these three days it has never reached our set temperature of 78. Right now at 915 it is 82 in our apartment with no lights on and only a small TV operating.

This cannot be right. Seems like the system is not large enough for our apartment. Is there anything we can do? Make them put in a larger unit? This is going to be a long summer if not.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  JB Umphrey replied 6 years ago.

JB Umphrey :

Thank you for using JustAnswer!

JB Umphrey :

I am sorry to learn of your circumstances.

JB Umphrey :

Does your lease say there's supposed to be air conditioning?

JACUSTOMER-jc7b30vy- : It does. All units in the complex have central air
JB Umphrey :

Any other of your neighbors having the same problem?

JACUSTOMER-jc7b30vy- : One I ran into said yes. I've tried reaching other tenants on my floor... top floor. That was the techs explanation
JB Umphrey :

Call your property manager AGAIN and report the problem.

JB Umphrey :

Document each of these reports that you make.

JB Umphrey :

If it doesn't get resolved, ask your landlord to let you out of the lease.

JACUSTOMER-jc7b30vy- : That would suck to have to leave. Nice place other than that
JB Umphrey :

Do you know if the tech checked the freon levels?

JACUSTOMER-jc7b30vy- : He did said they were good
JB Umphrey :

Definitely follow up with the property manager. Got to keep on 'em.

JB Umphrey :

Is there anything else that I can assist with?

JB Umphrey :

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JB Umphrey :

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