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elderly abuse. My grandfather is 84 years old. My family

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elderly abuse.

My grandfather is 84 years old. My family has taken care of him since we where small.
We make sure he gets his medication and his doctor vistes are made. My grandfather use
to have cows and my brother and i would help him take care of them. Bale hay worm cows
what ever he needed and we where not working our selfs.
My grandfather started eating at a restraunt and meet a 35 year old girl. He has given her 30,000 $ mabey more. We have tryed talking to him and het told use to mind our own bussnes. He said she told him she would take care of him. She has had him put her on his savings and checking. he will not listen to use and we do not know what to do.

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You can hire an attorney and sue to get appointed guardian of his estate and of him so that she can not have any control. But you have to get a doctor to testify that he is not competent and that his decision to put her on his accounts was made when he was not able to make such a decision.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i kind of knew this but most lawers want take the case because of the doctors and all. what type of lawer should i look for.
There are elder law or guardianship attorneys that you can hire.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
is this also considered elderly abuse as well.

Technically it could be abuse if he is being defrauded or manipulated.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i need to know all options. He has a pasemaker behind his heart. his heart has been week for 20 years. He has to have oxygen when he sleeps. If this girl knows about and has sex with him would this be used as attemmted murder. can this be used as well.

She refuses to meet the family. Told him we would try and kill her. this is fraud.

how about exstortion


You can report her to the police and if they think it is serious enough they could issue a restraining order. But your best bet is to hire an attorney and get a court to appoint someone guardian of his estate at least. Unless you have medical evidence to show that having sex will kill him, then it is not attempted murder. It is not extortion if he is willing to give her the money.
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