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What does this mean on a court docket filed Notice of

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What does this mean on a court docket filed?

"Notice of Confidential Information within court filing."


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This typically means that the party who filed the pleading has designated some portion of the pleading or exhibit as confidential and not to be made public.



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

As an example, lets say a husband and wife were involved in a crime.

So far, only the wife was arrested and is now on bail.

Lets say there was a $96,000.00 check that was forged from another person's account. However, the husband had the POA for that person's account.

Lets say the husband told the wife to do it so he could get a deposit receipt to prove to his brother funds were put back into the account falsely.

But the check bounced of course.


Could the wife had filed something like this with the court as confidential so charges could be brought against her husband?


An evidence that may be used against a criminally accused defendant must be revealed to the accused typically. The allegations as well as the evidence support such allegations should be revealed since the defendant has the right to due process of law under the constitution.


This docket notation would not normally include such information, no.



Tina and 2 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you