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October 2010 my sons facebook profile was hacked. Someone

Resolved Question:

October 2010 my son's facebook profile was hacked. Someone used his password XXXXX wrote statements. They all centered around my son's sexually. They wrote in the first person as my son. This was very difficult for my son to deal with. He was emotionally hurt. He was then ridiculed by students at his school. This harassment lead to my son being suspended from school multiple times because of fighting. His grades have suffered gravely. In the first quarter prior to the event he was receiving very good grades the next two quarters he failed multiple classes and his grades in the other classes dropped also. He erased the comments about his sexuality, but he was unable to change his password XXXXX he could no longer access his email account. the password XXXXX been compromised as well. (it was the same pass word) Comment where then posted on his facebook account targeting other students harassing girls saying hurt and sexual things. The police where called by the parents of the girls and my son was then targeted by the police and the school threatening him in regards XXXXX XXXXX comments. I notified facebook and asked for assistance but no response was received from them. We then wrote a message on his page notifying anyone who receives a message from this account that the password XXXXX been compromised and to disregard any messages received from the account. My son now is the worst kid in school no students will sit with him at lunch. If he is with in ten feet of any incident he targeted by the teachers. He has many bouts of uncontrollable fits of crying. He is begging to be moved from his school and to be moved to a different middle school next to escape this dark cloud over his head.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  D. WINOGO ESQ. replied 6 years ago.
What precisely is your legal question?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is there legal action that we can take against the person who compromised the account and wrote these comments.
Is there legal recourse we take insure the school better prepared to protect students when incidents like this happen.
Is this a civil or criminal case.
Expert:  D. WINOGO ESQ. replied 6 years ago.
Yes. You can file criminal charges of cyberhacking, trespass, harassment and bullying against the person who compromised the account and posted all the false and slanderous statements. You can also sue that same person in a civil lawsuit on the grounds of intentional infliction of emotional distress and libel and defamation of character.
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