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I am being harrased by a collection company for payment for

Customer Question

I am being harrased by a collection company for payment for Vensure International. They borrowed the money from this company. I did not receive a cent, services from them, or even a simple telephone call. I had asked to be removed from their scam, but no one will give me the courtesy of a phone call to resolve this mess. They suck you in and then forget about you. They get what they want with their scams and especially for senior citizens. I am in Canada and have no recourse for this company. There is a complaint with the BBB of that state, but so far I have not had a reply back from them. The loan company keeps calling me for payment, but I refuse since I did not receive any services from Vensure. I told them to collect from Vensure since they were the ones who borrowed from them. What is my recourse to get rid of this company and the loan company who is on my back.?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  retireddebra replied 6 years ago.

Debra Thal (username) :

Is the collection agency in Canada and if so what province is it in please?

Debra Thal (username) :

How much do they say you owe them?


The company is Duvera Financial in Carlsbad, ca. The amount is $5,296.00 U$. AT a rate of $134.48 U$ per month for 60 months. As I said Vensure International contracted this amount from them. I have not seen a cent, gotten service from them or even a courtsy phone call. They were asked to cancel this contract, but refused to do so. Since they contracted this amount, they can pay it back. I have nothing to show for it and I do not pay for something that I did not receive. If you need more info please do not hesitate to ask.

Debra Thal (username) :

As the company is in the US I am going to move to the US law list.

Debra Thal (username) :

I will alert a US expert that it's coming over.

Expert:  Anne replied 6 years ago.

Good Afternoon -


I'm sorry that you have been taken advantage of.


The BBB, in the United States, is a private organization. It really can't do anything if a company isn't a member and hasn't agreed to abide by their rules. In this case, it has rated Vensure as a B-, see, e.g.,


However, since you are dealing with a California corporation that is trying to collect from you, the California Department of Consumer Affairs can help. As a senior citizen, what you are describing would be considered elder abuse, - so follow the instructions for reporting elder abuse.


Also, debt collectors in the United States have to comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which is here:


That publication has information on how you can report and receive assistance with unfair debt collection practices.


Good luck!

Anne, Lawyer
Category: Legal
Satisfied Customers: 2302
Experience: Trial Lawyer, 15 Years Experience
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

This deposit of 30$ canadian is the only amount that will be taken from my credit card, or is there more money?

I have filed a complaint with the Consumers Department of California.

Expert:  Anne replied 6 years ago.

Good Evening -

I don't have access to your billing arrangement, so I'm going to refer your question to JustAnswer's customer service for a response.

Hope this works out!