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my quessssstion is this . my grandson who is 21yrs old has

Resolved Question:

my quessssstion is this . my grandson who is 21yrs old has been called names like stalker, even though he lives in one state and the girl another. She gets this because he made e-mails to her.but he thought he was blockedbecause she told him he was. also she accused him online of hacking into her accounts which he never did.

I would like to bring this to small claims court. she is 19yrs old.

Because he sent her mother flowers he was called a manipulator. by her therapist.
I would like to send a complaint to her licensing board.

I don't want to do this for the money. And I realize my grandson would have to do this. does he have a case.? Also I guess if he checked the bar of his state he may find a attorney who practices in both states.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  MShore replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for the post, I am happy to assist you by answering your questions. Because your grandson is no longer a minor, but is legally an adult, he would be the person to bring the suit, but he does have a claim for defamation of character if she falsely accused him of hacking into her accounts in a public forum. Being called a manipulator, is not considered malpractice or otherwise an ethical violation by the therapist. If he were to send a complaint to her licensing board, she could sue him for harassment. Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

she also called him a stalker . He lives in new jersey and she lies in Illinois. I thought to be a stalker is physical act.

he spents thousandss of dollars on her and she still owes him money.


This would all be in the course of breaking up if it wasn't for the fact she is accusing him of all thses things in a public forum. He has a meticulous record and is a college student and he doesn't want anything on his record. she called 2am in the morning with a male drunk friend on the other line threatening him she would go to the police for him e-mailing her . Can this happen ? And what recourse does he have?

Expert:  MShore replied 6 years ago.
Stalking is not necessarily physical anymore, there is a such thing as cyber stalking now. He can obtain a restraining order against her so that she cannot contact him anymore in the future. His record is not affected by her allegations.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

what if she obtains a restrining order against him.?

will that affect his record?

thank you

Expert:  MShore replied 6 years ago.
Yes, if she obtains a restraining order against him, that will be on his record.
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