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i had a car repossession years ago. now I am getting calls

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i had a car repossession years ago. now I am getting calls that they want me to pay 3000 dollars or they are going to garnish my wages and stop my student loans. Can they do this?

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What state are you located in?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Pennsylvania. On my credit report the account status is closed.
While contracts under seal have a 20 year statute of limitations in Pennsylvania, your contract should not be under seal as a vehicle financing agreement. As such, you are dealing with the statute of limitations for a written contract which is 4 years. If the default on the car loan was more than 4 years ago, the statute of limitations would be a bar to a civil suit to recover the amount owed. Without a civil suit, the creditor cannot force you to pay via garnishment or otherwise. It sounds like you are dealing with an unethical creditor who is making false threats.

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