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Is is possible to claim an abandoned car in the state of PA,

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Is is possible to claim an abandoned car in the state of PA, Allegheny county. There was a drug bust a few months back and the dealers ran. Either in California or jail. The car has no license plate and the PA stickers expired in 2007. Yes, 4 years ago. The police did not confiscate the car and left it. The owner of the property where the renter lived did not claim the car nor does he ever come around. Hence renting the place to a drug dealer in the first place. I would like to claim the car for another neighbor who is in need and has to transport a disabled husband. Thank you for your time.

However, is the vehicle being stored or was abandoned on your property?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No, it was left on the street blocking a driveway of a neighbor. The owner of the rental unit that the drug dealer lived in also owns that property as well. Is there any way to claim it. Any suggestions. No one knows about the vehicle as far as I know are the the ones that abandoned it and the DEA is looking for them. I would have to call 911 to get it moved. As a matter of fact I already told the police about moving it and they never did.
Yes, but through the police - they will auction the vehicle off to the highest bidder. What you should do is contact the police and inform them that it's becoming a hazard and been there since 2007.

But also continue to talk to them when it will come up for auction.

There is NO way you nor anyone else can make claim to the vehicle as abandoned or otherwise.

You could potentially if you were a garage and had done work on the car and then obtain a "mechanics lien" - but that wouldn't be applicable in your situation or facts.
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