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I have a summer home which does not have a well. We tried drilling

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I have a summer home which does not have a well. We tried drilling one but came up dry. A neighbor adjacent to my property has a well and has indicated that he would be open to discussing an arrangement that would allow me to tap into it. If he's willing I'd like to have a legal agreement that specifies the terms of the arrangement and would survive a change of ownership on either side. Is there a generic contract / considerations for an arrangement of this nature?
Thank you for your question.

Actually, all you would need is an easement for his water rights. There is not a real "form" to be used. All you need is a notarized statement from him stating "I give water rights via easement to X", filed with the register of deeds. That would mean that every other possessor of his property would be bound by that promise.

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Nathan Moore
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