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I have been working for a gym as a private pilates trainer

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I have been working for a gym as a private pilates trainer for several months (i get hourly pay for training hours) and as of last week they started requiring that personal trainers of all kinds work ten hours/week of floor hours (in most gyms, this means speaking to members about buying private training packages and/or showing them exercises to entice them to buy packages). My gym is also asking that we go outside and get names and numbers of potential members and hand out fliers. I just found out that they DO NOT plan to pay us for these hours. Isn't this illegal? I can understand if the agreement from the beginning was an unpaid marketing internship but that was not the case. To be honest, I do not recall what paperwork, if any, I did for them. I saw that there was a lawsuit against a west-coast gym called 24-Hour Fitness for requiring trainers to do unpaid floor hours. I am not someone who would sue over this but if they try to fire me for not wanting to do these hours, I at least want to bring up this point.
If they are requiring you to do actual work, they must pay you for the time in the gym under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The US Department of Labor's wage and hour division is where you would complain for this type of activity by the employer.

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