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If I have to go through bankruptcy, how will that effect my

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If I have to go through bankruptcy, how will that effect my ex-husband and his wife?
Thank you for your question.

If it relates to child support, bankruptcy will have no effect. Is there any other relationship you have with them that you think would be affected by your bankruptcy status?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am wanting to know how this will effect my ex-husband - Will his credit be effected as will mine? Will it make it hard for him to get credit cards as it will me? I understand this to be the case. I may have no choice by to do this as I can't afford child support and debt. - Not sure yet.
Okay. As you are divorced, your bankruptcy will not at all affect his credit or ability to obtain credit.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have heard that it does effect his credit as his not making a payment on his rental house effects my credit - My name is XXXXX XXXXX his rental house although it is quit-deeded to him - I can't get my name off, and his not making a payment effects my credit now. I find that hard to believe that bankruptcy won't effect him. Are you saying my going bankruptcy will not effect his credit at all even though missed mortgage payments effect my credit now?
I wasn't aware you still had joint assets. If you still have assets in common, your bankruptcy filing could most certainly have negative consequences for him.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
We don't have joint assets, but I can't get my name off his rental house, and even if I make a late credit card payment it seems to effect his credit or mine. It seems in Oklahoma, we are tied together even if you are divorced unless someone dies. Is it not that way in other states?
If your names are XXXXX XXXXX same property (rental house), that explains it. If you bankrupt and the rental house is in your name too, that means he will certainly be affected. That would be the same in every state.
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