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i have a loan with bank of america we have gone through the

Resolved Question:

i have a loan with bank of america we have gone through the process of sending them info for loan modification 2 times and now we have another notice from a different dept collection group asking for the same information and every time we attempt to contact the first two no response,

by law are we being process for loan modification in a legal and ethical manner
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  lwpat replied 6 years ago.
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This appears to be a typical problem with Bank of America. They continually ask for information and then different information and then the same information that you have already sent them twice. Then they will tell you that your application is out of date and you have to resubmit everything again. There are numerous posts on this board about the same issue. The reality is that it appears that they are so big they can do whatever they want. There does not appear to have been any court cases as of yet that addresses the issue. However, I would think that you could defend any attempt at foreclosure by showing the judge all of your information and the attempts that you have made. Be sure to keep a copy of everything and send everything to them by certified mail. Good luck to you and I wish I could offer you a better solution. You could write your Senator and Congressman. It seems that is the only thing that works on them.
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