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Please defer if you feel so inclined, but if not - based on

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Please defer if you feel so inclined, but if not - based on your earlier comment that if every denied Non-Custodial Parent Visitation in Indiana resulted in an arrest then "90% of all Indiana Parents would be in jail, then if this proposed Bill becomes Law, then is the above exactly what will follow? -- Indiana SB 0272 – Custody Interference could become a felony Indiana Senate Bill 0272, authored by Senator Head, had its first reading on 07 January 2009. Senator Merritt was added as the second author and Senator Arnold was added as coauthor, both, on 12 January 2009. This bill would enhance the penalties for custody interference lasting greater than 180 days to a Class D felony. As with any law though it is only as good as the enforcement. We all know that rarely does a court impose a penalty when a father shows up to get the children for visitation and gets told, “Sorry, you can't have them I have plans this weekend.”

That was in 2009 Legislature. I don't know if the bill passed or not. I presume it didn't or we would have heard of it. If you read the whole on -line discussion, you'd see how ineffective this kind of legislation is. The reference to everyone being in jail is illustrative of the fact that visitation rights are not self-enforced by the police/sheriff/prosecutor.


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