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I was a sales manager at Petland Lakeland, fl....this just

Resolved Question:

I was a sales manager at Petland Lakeland, fl....this just happened. I was a salaried employee I was promissed bonus after I reached a certain number each month....I was on my way to smashing that number out of the park this month when I took two days off for my birthday it was a schelduled day off, everyone know even owner. I came into work on wed the 23rd of feb...where I began my day. The owner was in and she said she had a written ripormand for me. I said that I was not going to sign it, because I believe she was setting me up. I had begun to notice and notifiy and collect data that she was doin shaddy business things. for example she is having a intimate relationship with the vet that takes care of our customers puppies after we sell them. This man also checks all of our puppies when they come to the store. I had begun to notice that he would say that puppies were healthy when they were not, and also they would sell these puppies. One person puppy acually died and she refused to honor her warrenty and replace that animal. So we had a conference call with the corporite office to discuss why I refused to sign that reprimand. I explained to them that she was doing things that may be questionable...and they fired me for it. I had brought these things up to them multiple times....for they sent me to this store to bring up sales which I did I took this store that was doin 17000 to in 45 days doing 130000
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  FloridaLawyer replied 6 years ago.

Hello JA Customer,


I am an expert here at Just Answer and I would be happy to answer your question.


In addition to what may constitute a violation of your civil rights, the facts you presented may constitute a cause of action based on Florida's whistleblower law.


A whistleblower is an employee, former employee, or member of an organization, especially a business or government agency, who reports misconduct to people or entities that have the power and presumed willingness to take corrective action. The misconduct may be a violation of a law, rule, regulation and/or a direct threat to public interest, such as fraud, health/safety violations, and corruption.


In Florida, the Florida Whistleblower Act protects employees against retaliation for reporting certain types of illegal activity. The protection provided to employees under this law is different for employees of private companies as opposed to employees of state or local governments. The public sectors provisions are very technical and the time limits for asserting a claim are relatively short in comparison to the protection provided to private sector employees


As such, I would suggest that you contact a employment law attorney licensed to practice in your local jurisdiction as soon as possible. Many attorney's offer free consultations and charge contingency fees meaning there will not be any up-front fees or costs to you and you won't be charged anything unless there is a recovery for you.


I hope this helps, best of luck!


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Legal Disclaimer: The answer provided herein is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. The information, research and opinions set forth above are limited to the facts presented in the question and no guarantee is made regarding the adequacy or accuracy of the answer. The answer provided does not infer or imply the establishment or acceptance of any attorney-client relationship. No claim is made that I am licensed to practice law in the state or jurisdiction where this information is being provided and you should always seek legal counsel admitted to practice in your local jurisdiction for representation and advice on any legal matter.

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