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I am a disabled person that was part of a volunteer fire department

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I am a disabled person that was part of a volunteer fire department for 9 years. 2 months after I became Chief, 2 commissioners went to residents of the district and got them to come to the fire hall to have me removed from the department claiming that I was destroying the department. No one ever said a word to me about any issues. I became so stressed over the matter that I just resigned instead to avoid the humiliation and additional stress. I couldn't eat or sleep and cried for several days afterwards from the excessive stress that I was put under. I would like to know if I can sue this department for the unnecessary stress, humiliation and possible discrimination because I was a female appointed to be a Chief. 1 commissioner had made comments in the past that women should not be placed in the position of authority. I have been living 2 hours away from the fire department and have 17 month old twins and everyone was fully aware of this including the commissioners when they appointed me as chief and signed my contract. The same commissioner that has made comments about women also asked me, after he signed my contract and the meeting was over, if I could handle being a chief and taking care of twins. I told him it doesn't keep me from being a District Secretary, EMT, Medical Officer or the numerous other things I do/did for the department.  Everyone in the department knows that I am disabled. No one questioned the father of my twins who was a chief prior to me if he would have any problems taking care of twins and being a chief and he lives with me. Matter of fact when the father of my twins was chief he lived out-of-town for a year and a half due to work while being chief and it was never a problem.
If these questions were asked of you and nobody else, they certainly do give rise to claims for sexual harassment. As far as disability, you have not really given much evidence that the disability was behind the determination as much as sex may have been. Either way, the EEOC is where you need to file a complaint and you do not need an attorney to do so. If you hire an attorney, be aware, attorneys do not generally take these cases on contingency fees they charge at least a retainer of about $5000 and then may make a contingency agreement for a reduced rate, but these cases can get costly.

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