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i need a lawyer dealing with medicaid and health insurance

Customer Question

<p>i need a lawyer dealing with medicaid and health insurance companies? someone who is very experienced as I would like to sue a travel insurance company for various legitimate reasons. I have all documentation, insurance policies and email correspondence with them, they simply cancelled an existing insurance policy due to the fact that they say they gave me the wrong policy but the policy clearly states its for international clients travelling thru the united states. I am south african and they were fully aware of this when I took the policy out nearly 3 months ago and charged me monthly. I got ill they paid most of the hospitilisation and then just simply emailed me and told me they are cancelling the policy because I am not american. I tried to reason with them and ask that they then give me the appropriate policy and they just said NO, I now have an preexisting condition that I was not aware of when I took out this insurance and NO insurance as they simply emailed and called me and said they are cancelling the policy, only reason being as listed above...we gave you the wrong policy I am livid, and believe that I have rights in this case and would like to explore the possiblity of sueing them. I am mentally drained and stuck in costa rica on as I am on a no fly as determined by my dr, have a heart condition which I was recently diagnosed with and severe anemia, and an enlarged spleen. can someone please help me figure out if its worth taking this case and getting compensated for the mental anguish, shock and way I have been treated by travelguard.</p><p>I am now without travel insurance stuck in costa rica with a pre existing condition that no travel insurance will cover and extremely unhappy with how I have been treated by this company. Please get back to me asap to discuss my options and who I should go see in the US to get this started?</p>
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Tina replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for contacting

Unfortunately this is a question for which it is best to retain a local attorney as it is not a question which we can readily answer through this forum.

Good luck and take care.