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Hi, my daughter was falsely accused of bullying and other girl

Customer Question

Hi, my daughter was falsely accused of bullying an other girl who use to be her friend and who by my daughters's choice is no longer her friend. The next day after the false complaint my duaghter was pulled out .of her Ap history class to the assistant principles office and .is yelled at bullied and emotionally abused by this administrator. In the end it was evident that the accusations where falls given that all the other students (witnesses 9 in all) said they did not hear Or see any of the thing the accuser stated. After I complained about the assistant principle bullying my daughter the principle advised me that it had come to.his attention that we did.not live in the area and that my daughter would be withdrawn from the school unless we could bring .in the proper documentation. Meanwhile my daughter was stalked and harassed By not .only the administration but also By the school police officer who is a bully himself. My daughter was so.disgusted that she wanted to finish the year at a different school. However now she has told me that she wants to return given that all her friends from when she was in preK are at that school. What can I do? Can I sue them for harrament and emotional and mental anguish if my daughter is mistreated again By the school administrators.? Should I hire an lawyer and have them communicate with the school principle his boss and the school board that my daughter will be returning and that if there is any problem with the .other student Or harrament By either the school Or student that we will sue.? I am out for.blood, if my duaghter is messed with again. My duaghter has never had problems at school, never had a complaint from a teacher, is popular and congenial which is why the other student wants to make her .life hell. The other student has always been in trouble, has lied many times and been found out and yet it was my daughter who was mistreated. Please.let me know because as I write this I am seeing red.

Sincerely, XXXXX XXXXX wants to sue
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  FloridaLawyer replied 6 years ago.

Hello JA Customer:


It is possible to bring a lawsuit against the school based on harassment and/or the intentional infliction of emotional distress. I am assuming your daughter is under 18 and if so you could bring the lawsuit on her behalf and be named in the Complaint as the legal guardian of the Plaintiff. You could seek recovery for your daughter's pain and suffering and seek to punish the school and its staff by seeking punitive damages. Lastly you could seek consequential and compensatory damages for lost work, and your time and expenses in this matter.


I would suggest that you consult with an attorney licensed to practice in your local jurisdiction. If the attorney does not agree to take the case on a contingency fee basis, he or she can seek reimbursement for your reasonable attorney's fees and costs from the opposing party.



I hope this helps, best of luck!


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