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I recently just register a out of state vehicle in FL from

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I recently just register a out of state vehicle in FL from California. At the FL DMV I was exempted from the initial $225.00 registration fee after showing them my DD214 (military discharge papers). I then paid the other regular fees and I received my tag, title, and vehicle registration. Everything was complete and I was given a receipt. Two days later I received a phone call from the same women from the DMV who helped me with my registration. She told me that she had made a mistake, and that I didnt fully qualify for the $225 initial registration exemption. She tells me that she had read the dates of my military discharge papers wrong and would like me to come back in a pay the fee at her counter. Is there any law bidding me to go back and pay a fee under a mistake of a worker? If a store clerk accidentally gives you more change then required. Isn't that clerk held responsible and not the consumer. I believe that DMV rep is calling me back in to help her cover up and fix what was her mistake. I just want to see if there is any legal obligation that requires me to go back to the dmv and pay a fee that was mistakenly not given to me.

Hello JA Customer,



I am an expert here at Just Answer and I would be happy to answer your question.


I am not aware of any law that would compel you to go back in and pay more money for the registration you were already given after you paid in full for what the teller thought was the correct amount. Now that you have the new sticker, law enforcement should have no reason to question whether it is valid and you should not be pulled over.


To help protect yourself from future disputes, I would suggest that you write a letter to that local DMV office advising them that you dispute the new amount allegedly owed and be sure to keep your receipts and any other proof of payment you have from when you went there the first time.


I hope this helps, best of luck!



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Like you said, i dont have any reason to be pulled over. Everything is up to date and register and paid for. I forgot to mention that the DMV clerk who contacted me; left me a message saying to me that my vehicle registration could be canceled if I didn't return to her and pay that extra fee. I just dont understand how someone can say that after all transactions are completed and finalized. I have papers (initial registration fee waiver form signed by DMV rep and supervisor) and reciepts showing that I'm register and legal to drive in FL untill my next renew date in July. No one else from the DMV department has contacted me besides her. Most people wouldnt mind paying the extra fee at any given reason, but im a student and every dollar matters to me. Should I be ok by just ignoring this issue after sending the DMV a letter? I just don't want to be surprise one day during a traffic stop and have the cop tell me that my vehicle registration is void. Thank you

The only thing I would suggest after sending the letter would be to call a different DMV office and confirm that your registration is up to date and that there aren't any administrative problems.


Thanks again!


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