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Does the Affidavit of Support ever expire I filled the affidavit

Customer Question

Does the Affidavit of Support ever expire? I filled the affidavit for my mother in 2002. Is it still valid? I am trying to get her WA Basic health benefits, but was told that she is not eligible since she has a sponsor. Thank you
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  GeorgetownLawyr replied 6 years ago.
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Is your mother employed? Has she been working? if so, for how long?
When does she plan to apply for u.s. citizenship?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

My mother is not employed, she is 72. She has never worked in the USA. She is eligible to apply for the us citizenship in 1.5 years.


Thank you.

Expert:  GeorgetownLawyr replied 6 years ago.
The affidavit of support ends when she becomes a u.s. citizen OR has worked 10 years and earned social security credits. since she will never work, it will end when she applies for citizenship.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I am in WA state and trying get a state health card to cover a part of the hospital stay. So far she has been denied due to the sponsorship. Is there anything you can recommend I can try? The original affidavit was expiring after 5 years and I filed it in 2002. Should I try to approach form that angle or you think it is a waste of my time. Thank you.

Expert:  GeorgetownLawyr replied 6 years ago.
The affidavit doesn't expire in 5 years, that is not correct. as I said the obligation of the I-864 continues until the person becomes a u.s. citizen or earns enough social security credits through working. I do not know anything about WA state health care, I just know when your obligation ends under the I-864 and I doubt you can get around it right now....sorry.