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My daughter was involved in an automobile accident 5/4/07.

Resolved Question:

My daughter was involved in an automobile accident 5/4/07. A A/C van smashed into the rear of her car while she was stopped behind a car that was making a turn, pushing her into that car. Her injuries include Disc herniation T11/12, Lumbar disc bulging L2/3, L3/4, and L5/S1. Her Dr. has discussed that surgery could be indicated as an attempt to decrease her pain symptoms. Also discussed the extensive nature of this type of surgery as well as increased risk associated with operating near the lower thoracic spinal cord and the fact that there is no guarantee it will relieve or reduce her lower thoracic pain symptoms she has. He stated that the anticipated charges for this type of surgery are estimated at approx. $160,00.00 with $110.000.00 in hospital charges as well as implant costs and the remaining being surgeon and surgical assistant fees. The largest settlement offer we have gotten so far is $45,000.00. I do not feel that this is sufficient to ensure my daughter's potential future medical expenses but the attorney's we have now don't seem to be working too hard on this and are not aggressive enough to satisfy me. Can you tell me what you feel is a fair settlement. We have a court case scheduled for 8/20/11 and we are meeting with our attorney's on Monday. I just would like to be better informed and care about my daughters future. I should tell you, my daughter is only 21 and graduates from college this year and has never had any kind of back problems in the past. Thank you.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Roger replied 6 years ago.

The amount you should expect largely depends on how much insurance coverage the driver of the vehicle that struck your daughter has. No matter what type of potential money she could recover, the only guaranteed money would be the insurance payments.


You should definitely seek future medical expenses, including this surgery. She shouldn't have any out of pocket expenses for this medical treatment that was not caused by her.

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