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My son, my wife and myself are defendants in a unlimited civil

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My son, my wife and myself are defendants in a unlimited civil lawsuit. What does the following mean in english:

Plaintiff is informed and believes, and on this information and belief alleges that in all times mentioned in this Complaint, each of the Defendants was the agent and employee of each of the remaining Defendants, and in doing the things alleged in this Complaint, was acting within the course and scope of this agency and employment.
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By saying upon information and belief, it is admitting the claim is weak and not very certain it is true.

As for what is being said, it is being alleged that the defendants were agents of other defendants. In law there is a principal-agency theory where the conduct of the agent such as an employee extends liability to the employer/principal.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So would a family relationship husband, wife, and son constitute being agents of each other?
It could be but is not autmatic. It usually applies more easily to employer-employee, officer- company. There would be a hierarchy rather than a mutual relationship.
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