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I have been a nurse with hard of hearing for 20 years working

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I have been a nurse with hard of hearing for 20 years working in the same hospital in the pediatric ICU and ER. In the last three years the new administration is trying to get rid of me without proven patients harm or injuries under my care. I am an excellent registered nurse and unable to disclosure my disability as per my manager and no training given to my co-workers to avoid the hostile environment with a simple disability etiquette class. I am at the moment in the grievance process due to never been accommodated and treated as per ADA law. The ongoing retaliation on my case never stops and I am so tires to being bullied, harassed and discriminated by my supervisors and managers. I called the hospital hotline compliance for help, and december 2 I supposed to hear from them. I am so tired of the hostile environment on going on my unit specially to nurses above 44 years old with seniority.

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I am terribly sorry that you are being treated in such a way, especially since it is against the law. Youmust immediately file a formal Complaint with the Equal Employment Opportuntiy Commission, giving them a chance to investigate. That would be a prerequisite to suing your employer, if it ever came to that. If you do not file this formal Complaint, you would be prohibited from suing. Therefore, you must be sure to file this formal Complaint. You do not have to worry about any retaliation because stiff penalties are imposed on any employer who attempts any retaliation on an employee who files this type of formal Complaint




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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
If I go to EEOC, do I loose my carrer if they find out, can they fired me. I don't want to loose my career.

The purpose of the EEOC is to prevent employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, and disability. Therefore, they would not be able to terminate you based on disability!


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