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I live in a Co-Op on Long Island (NY). We have a Board who

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I live in a Co-Op on Long Island (NY). We have a Board who has a pattern of manipulating elections either by under advertising altogether so we don't get a quorum and they stay on with no election, or by manipulating any notices regarding the Elections in a way that highlights their cronies. We just had an election where the former Board President, who had altered proxies in the past and deliberately underadvertised elections when he was President, had his name place seperately from the other 5 candidates in bold italics on the notice for the Elections. The Board then sent out a notice telling everyone to turn in their proxies immediately, than this ex-President went around collecting proxies door to door. Note, when we tried to ask questions about the propriety of this, we were told there be no Q&A. We were told no Q&A at last Spring's Annual Shareholders Meeting. Apparently, we are NEVER allowed Q&A. We are also not allowed to post any notices filling in the newer residents about what's been happening here. They keep enough people in the dark by using, what I think is obvious, divide and conquer tactics.
The current Board President, who is trying to get this man back onto the Board, had his father buy supposedly 5 units in the Co-Op and flip them for a profit before closing or moving into any of them in years past while this man was on the Board before he became President. He also got his wife's cousin a prime unit before the people living 2 doors down for over 20 years had a chance to even put in a bid.
Is there enough here to ask the Attorney General to investigate ?
Note, I am not running for the Board myself. I just want an honest one.
Thank you for the post, yes from your description there is enough of a history and present course of conduct to warrant administrative investigation into the operation of the Board. With so much effort to remain "in office" there is likely a good deal beneath the surface by which he is being unjustly enriched.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
By " Administrative investigation " I just want to make sure you mean you think I should report these goings on to the Attorney General's Office ? That is the right office to contact in this case, correct ?
The AG would be the appropriate party if you suspect criminal activity. If not, you should consider contacting your council person.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Well, I obviously can't prove anything criminal. I just find hard to believe that their obsession with getting and holding onto power, seemingly at all costs, is a by-product of their sense of civic duty. 8D

By council person, do you mean a local town councilperson/assemblyman or someone at the County level ?

Hello, I mean your local town council person, in the alternative you can contact HPD.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Believe it or not, this man, who has us all upset that he may get back on the Board, is on numerous local Boards, including "ethics" boards, sickening as that is to all who have experienced him first hand. I would be afraid a local council person would know him and warn him.

If, in your opinion, this pattern of behavior smells like a rat is in the building....I guess I'll try the A.G. Thanks for you help

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX of luck with the AG.
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