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For forensics expert Or expert or lawyer who may dealt with

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For forensics expert: Or expert or lawyer who may dealt with this sort of thing.

I have a son who has been abused by blows to the head nearly all of his 7 years on this earth. This would be considered repeated mild closed head trauma. Though mild, they have taken a toll and caused numerous neurological problems and illness. I have only known about it for the last two years and have been trying to stop it. I have a lot of evidence if pictures and video are worth anything. In these photos and photos from videos, it is clear that his head is swollen up in 98% of them. If it wasn't for about 4-5 pictures that it wasn't swollen, I wouldn't have known. Unfortunitely, I didn't know to look until he told me this after he had been keeping a secret FOR NEARLY 5 YEARS!!! HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT IT WAS "BAD" OR "WRONG" UNTIL I TOLD HIM IT WAS!! What's worse is that my ex was well aware of it and was very precise (almost) to make sure that it was swollen up every time I seen him so I wouldn't notice. Sounds sick, I know but it's true. However, there were the couple un-announced visits to his school and visits by my mom and a couple times that I actually got a whole two weeks vacation without her intervening and 1 school picture that allowed us to have these 4-5 pictures of him when his head wasn't swollen. It is obvious to see this from anyone with eyes but I'm sure your aware of professionals response is, before they even look is, "I don't see it". What I have discovered is that in many of these pictures where the profile is nearly straight on, his ears protrude outward very much so compared to the normal pictures. (very big difference) 15-25 degrees difference in the worst ones. I also have noticed that in other pictures, when the head is turned up or down or side to side, the angle of the ears does not change that much. Not even close to the amount of degree difference seen in the pictures I refer to, in which, as I said, are nearly straight on and resemble each other.

Is this something that I can prove in court? Any other ideas to prove head swelling? Many of these are off 35mm film so I have the originals and that is a good thing I know. I would really appreciate some expert advice and/or tips on this. Thank you.

dkennedy :

Hello, I would like to help you with this. First of all, I would like to ask you what experts, if any, have you consulted with about this?

Customer :

Hello, Well, I'm just now putting the complete picture together right now but I have showed some of these to a counselor and a psychologist but they are quick to say that they are not a doctor. My counselor says he sees swelling in a couple. But as far as the experts that have been involved when it was a juvenile case, none of them including his doctors would talk to me so they don't know. And the police make all kinds of excuses but I'm saying that this is obvious stuff and I just need to make it solid evidence as it should be. Thank you.

dkennedy :

Hello again, I have done a lot of juvenile court work, many times representing abused children. It occurred to me that in most of the cases where there is head trauma, the evidence is examined by a pediatric specialist in child abuse. They know exactly what to look for and they know that what is sometimes not apparent the untrained eye, they can find and write an expert report. The doctor that often does this is with a large hospital in the pediatric clinic. If you have access to something like that, you may be able to send your photos and other evidence and have the pediatric abuse specialist take a look.

Customer :

Hello, I,m in nebraska. Know anyone between me and you. You know, I send a bunch of info. to the children's hospital asking a nuerologist to look at it and they sent it back and said that I had to bring my son in. It seemed like they didn't know how to handle it. It's a freakin case of horrific child abuse for crying out loud. Why doesn't anyone want anything to do with it? Do I just need a bigger town like you said? What do they cost? Thanks

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