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I rent an apartment, a friend went to the roof of the building

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I rent an apartment, a friend went to the roof of the building with the knowlege that the roof was not mine and completely unsecured. There is even a sign on the door Do not enter, emergency exit only. She left my apartment without my knowlege, went to the roof and ended up falling off. She is sueing me as a property owner, however i only rent and the roof is certainly not part of the lease. She is also suing the landlord for the same things. I was served a summons on 11/19/10. What is the course of action I need to take.
Thank you for the post, you need to file a motion to dismiss the claim against you as the defendant on the grounds that you are not the property owner and the party exceeded the limits of his license to be on the property when he went on the roof, and assumed the risk he would fall when he entered upon the roof failing to adhere to the "do not enter" sign.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I live week to week as do many people. I do not even have a savings account. Can I file this motion or do I need to seek legal representation. If I do need to seek legal representation, can I use a court appointed attorney, and if I can how would I go about doing that.
Hello, you can file the motion but should consider contacting your landlord's attorney to discuss him/her filing on your behalf as part of his/her defense of your landlord. A court appointed attorney does not defend civil suits. You could pursue MA legal aid however to discuss the possibility of an attorney there representing you. But again, your landlord's attorney would be the best source.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I tried to see if my landlords attorney would help, however they declined my request. How can I contact MA legal aid?

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