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I am from Massachusetts and purchased a service dog for my

Resolved Question:

I am from Massachusetts and purchased a service dog for my 7 year old disabled daughter who has autism, epilepsy and developmental delays in October 18, 2010. The dog was purchased in Kentucky. I found this nonprofit organization from the internet because it serviced children with my daughter's needs. The dog was noted to have an injury to the right back paw when my husband, me and daughter went to pick it up and learn to train it. When asked about the injury the trainer said the vet cleared it for service work and the vet said it would heal but it would take time. The trainer never elaborated on it or how it happened. Upon returning home and closer inspection, the dog only has 2 toes on its R back paw and no paw pad and was found to be occasionally limping. I spoke to the breeder in KY who told me the injury occured while the dog was in his care and the dog jumped off a doghouse injuring its two outer back R toes, they took her to the vet where they fixed it the best as could be and the dog got to the injury and bit the outer two toes off!! All the medical bills cost approximately $1000. The injury occured in June when the dog was about 6 months old and the trainer aquired the dog in August 2010.
The breeder could not believe the trainer didn't disclose the injuries and treatment to us.
Since we have been home we took her to the vet, had x rays totally >$300. Follow up xrays are needed as well as a consult with an expert orthopedic animal surgeon for possible longterm care.
I have informed the service dog company that I am taking the dog to the vet for a general check up and to look at the foot and if there are any bills incurred for the paw they should pay but they said they will not.
I am angry. We paid $7500 for this less than perfect dog whom it was not disclosed had past and perhaps future medical problems. This in not just a pet but is supposed to help our family and daughter out as a service dog. I have proof the trainer knew about the injury and withheld this information. I feel she took advantage of us and just got a quick dollar at our expense.
I would llike compensation. I also feel the dog is too young to be an adequate service dog and needs more training.
What do you suggest??
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  MShore replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for the post, you should consider retaining KY counsel to send the service company for damages you sustained as a result of failing to disclose the true condition of the dog at the time of purchase, demanding either monetary compensation or a replacement dog.
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