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I was renting a townhouse in a complex I moved into in September

Resolved Question:

I was renting a townhouse in a complex I moved into in September and lived there for 2 years. I renewed the lease the 1st year but when the second year came, in September I did not sign the lease that they sent because I had been laid off from my job and knew I needed to downsize. I found an affordable apartment and my move in date was September 30th. I paid my September rent and sent a letter on August 30th to tell them I'd be moving the end of the month. They replied saying I was supposed to give a 60 day notice. I replied saying that I had done my best trying to cooincide the moving date and since we had been good tenants (never late with our rent etc.) would they reconsider. They said no and that I needed to pay another months rent since we were not giving a 60 day notice.
I replied with a letter explaining my financial crisis and that at this time I could only afford $25.00 pr. month and that when my financial statis changed I would increase it accordingly. I made a table with Date, Amount, Check# XXXXX Balance to send with my payment each month.
They sent my check back with a letter saying that it needed to be resolved within 9 months. They made a table as I had but with the amounts much higher.$150.00 for 3 months and $200.00 for the remaining 6 months.They added that if I violated it they would submit it to a collection agency. I'm not able to comply with this. What is your advice?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Lawgirl replied 6 years ago.

Lawgirl :

Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear about your situation.

Lawgirl :

To the extent that the lease supports 60 days notice and that notice was not given, they are able to sue you to hold you financially responsible for their damages as result of not receiving the proper notice. To the extent that they decide to sue and get a judgment against you, you may have to pay more (by way of court fees) than they are asking for right now. To the extent that you can handle the debt as quickly as possible, you may want to take whatever steps you can to pay this off sooner rather than later, otherwise it is possible they will sue (even if you are making payments). They are under no obligation to accept a payment plan from you. So to lessen the chance of litigation, you may want to propose the best payment plan you can that gets them paid off as quickly as possible. The quicker they see their money, the less of a chance you stand of being sued.

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