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how do i file for an index number, and emergency order to show

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how do i file for an index number, and emergency order to show cause, and a request for judicial se ( until legal aid is appointed) to stop a warrant of eviction and start a civil and possible criminal case in supreme court, suffolk county new york against landlords?

If you wish to start a criminal case you must contact the local police and/or prosecutor office.

Regarding the civil matter of the eviction you would have to file a complaint petition along with an order to show cause. Once you have these documents prepared you would go down to court to to purchase your index number. There is no preprinted forms so you would have to visit your local law library and ask the librian to direct you to the appropriate form books.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
and the request for judicial intervention gets filed when? and would courts have forms?

You would have to file the RJI after you have your index number and after the landlord or whomever you are sueing have been served. The RJI form can be obtained from the court

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

ok so... 1. index number. 2.emerg order to show cause.3.rji? ---- ok so i want the supreme court to stay my eviction, open up a civil case for breach of contract and i seek tenant harrassment damages of 5k per incident plus rent abatement..etc... this matter was already heard i

n local dictrict court and i was denied appeal as i entered into stipulation w adequate representation.... when in fact, the court appointed attny was ready for trial until i had anxiety attack and then an outburst, he said id make a terrible witness and then we started regnegotioations, at ten to five, we sat waiting for judge to commence trial or give trial date and then we reached a n agreement _new tenant was added to lease with no representation at all. it is stated on recoed when judge called court to order that i had a question for my attny before i could answer judges questions to me... and that question was, are u sure this is the way its supposed to go and this is all legal because john is not here.. he said yes. i inetered into stip.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
stip resulted in my being charged an addittional 250 month rent for a tenent which is allowed to stay under attny generals tenancy laws and other tenent party did not agree to added tenant nor did he agree to any changes in the lease.... it also came to my attention that again, monies stated are not correct and are misleading to the court as they do not reflect payments received from other tenant on lease as per lease terms.. and landlord tried to get me out for nonpayment based on ommitting the moneys he received from cotenant......

You truly should have an attorney respresenting you on this matter but since you stated you can not obtain one right now and you want to file then you need to follow the steps I mentioned to you.

You do have a problem since you entered into an agreement. I understand you have anxiety attack and your attorney was correct in saying it is not good to put someone as a witness who has such attacks.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
he also said that the case cud have been dismissed on several techicalities, but we proceeded in the interst of resolving this so i wud have money to move and time to obtain housing... the way the stip is written, i have to pay them more money than if i stayed ! and no issues that led me to withold rent in first place is resolved and the other tenant who under lease has half legal rights to this security has been discharged of any such interest or been givin opportunity to exercise any of his rights. so we need to bring this to the supreme court_ index number, order to show cause, and rji....... got it and thank you... now why not just index nmbr and rji?

You need to obtain an index number because that is how the court keeps track of the cases and RJI is just short form for "Request For Judicial Intervention".


I wish you well.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
so what you are saying is that i must file emergency order to show cause asking for temp restraining order based on the harrassment from landlord..... and i understand an index number is XXXXX to assign a case number XXXXX which we can be identified.... however, the rquest for judicial intervention is also necessary in order to request stay of the eviction?
What to ask is correct but you have added temporary restraining order which I do not recall you mentioning before. The restraining order would be obtained through the criminal charges which you attempted to obtain. Your question is starting to evolve into more fact specific and to make sure all issues are resolved I suggest you sit down with your attorney to address the additional issue since there is a very long history to this case.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok.... leaving temp restraining order aside, index number, emergency order to show cause, and an rji _ these filings should bring my issues to supreme court judge to hear and if granted, a stay of my eviction until judge deems otherwise?
Yes that is correct.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i cannot thank you enuf for your time and patience -)

you've been great !!!

It's not a problem. The reason I'm here is to help people like you.

I wish you well.

Daniel Solutions and other Legal Specialists are ready to help you