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Recently I was accused of child abuse for throwing a set of

Customer Question

Recently I was accused of child abuse for throwing a set of keys at my 6 year old for running toward the road. I was not able to run after him because he had just shut my foot in the car door. The teacher at the school reported me after my son went to school the next day and told his classmates. However just 2 week prior to this incident I returned an R rated movie my son was allowed to check out of the school library.

I feel like this is a revenge case.

I was interviewed by an investigator and he told me he was moving forward with a substantiation. I feel so helpless right now and everyone that knows me, knows I would never hurt my children intentionally. I have many letters from family, co workers, neighbors and so on. Is there any kind of legal recourse I can take?

I am scared to death of the system, not of my parenting or my children but the system! This has been so emotionally difficult for me.

My wife works with children and family in this situation and she knows this is rediculas. She has seen other cases much worse then mine move forward unsubstantiated. How can they violate my civil right like this and destroy my character?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Chris T., JD replied 6 years ago.

TexLawyer :

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do at this stage. Right now, all that is going on is an investigation. If you are innocent of the charges, the investigation will show that. I am not aware of any povisions of law that allow someone who is under investigation to sue simply because they are the subject of an investigation. However, if the witness gave false statements to the police or is slandering you to other people, you may have a cause to sue.

TexLawyer :

Otherwise, your civil rights have not been violated, and you need to wait until the investigation is complete before you take any further action.