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This might seem trivial, but this is a serious issue for me.

Resolved Question:

This might seem trivial, but this is a serious issue for me. Although I am not Jewish, I have been playing in competitive softball, basketball and volleyball adult leagues at the St. Louis Jewish Community Center Assoc. for the past 25 years. I am also a JCC member. Due to a recent incident (an opposing player stepped on my foot and I pushed him) I received a letter from the J kicking me out of the volleyball league and banning me from futher participation due to a history of bad behavior. I admit I do play with passion and sometimes complain about questionable calls, etc. Since they set the rules, I suppose they have the right to ban me from the current session, but can I sue them to let me play in the next session as long as I "behave" myself. As I said this is important to me and I am prepared to spend whatever it takes within reason to get back in the game.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Sam replied 6 years ago.



Well it will come down to the rules/policy and how they apply them across the board. If their policy is certain behaviors will result in banning and you can document others who have not followed the policy then you might have grounds for discrimination and a lawsuit.


I suggest you would want to consult with a local attorney who can review the policies and then write a letter stating that you are prepared to sue them for discrimination because the policy has not been applied across the board. Of course, you will need to present documented incidents of others who have done the same as you time and time again and have not been banned.


If you have further questions, you may post them here and i will continue to assist. Otherwise, please ACCEPT my answer as that is the only way I can get credit for my time and information in this matter. Thank you and good luck



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