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I have an entertainment contract for a music production deal

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I have an entertainment contract for a music production deal and the management company has not fullfill it's end of the deal, how can I terminate the contract?

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what was the agreement?

what did you agree to do?

what did they agree to do that they have not?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Wow..... this site really works... you are actually a real person.(lol) Anyway thanks for the reply. Hopefully I can give you a better overview of what's going on. I currently live in Miami, FL and thinking about taking over the management of a kids singing group that are sign with "Interscope Record Label". The kids and their parents signed with a music production company and entered into a production deal with this shady company. This shady company facilitated the deal with "Interscope Records" but the parents and the kids do not know the terms of that contract or even seen the contract between the shady music production company and "Interscope Records" However the contract between the Kids and their parents and the shady music production company calls for various payments and other incentives along with home schooling which nothing has been render and its been over two years. The shady music production company was also given limited power of attorney over the kids to travel outside of their state, which the shady music production has put the kids in harms way on several occasions. We have many reasons to believe that the shady music production company has breached the contract in many ways and most important the kids and their parents want completely out of the shady music production company contract even to the point of walking away from everything. It might be worth while mentioning that the contract is written in such a way that the state of California is the governing body, but the shady music production company is in Atlanta, Ga and the kids and their parents lives in Tennessee. The kids and their parents are completely broke and are on the edge of financial ruins. In closing we are looking for the most inexpensive way to terminate the contract with hopes of savaging the record deal with Interscope Record
Yes we are real attorneys. :) The parents need to put in writing to the shady music company that they are in breach of contract and list specifically how they have breached the terms of the contract and inform them that as a result the contract is hereby terminated. Send it in writing, certified mail/return receipt. that way if the company tries to sue the parents they have basically their defense in writing showing how the company broke the contract first. If one party breaches a contract the other party is free to walk away from it or at the very least has a great defense if the other party tries to sue for them walking away.

I hope this clarifies the issues for you. Please click 'accept" so that I may receive credit. I am happy to answer your follow up questions at no extra cost. thanks and best regards.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for the quick reply...... so at this point there is no need to hire an attorney unless they try and sue?