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Iam a elderly women who has hired a lawyer because I had a

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Iam a elderly women who has hired a lawyer because I had a physical injury on a construction sight on 8-8-2008...I feel that the lawyer I hired is abusing his authorty because of the freindship he has with the person I am suing.....there is much that has happened since I first went to him to make me beleive this, I have had surgery to my knee because of this I have recourse? I am on fixed income is there someone I can contact for ealder abuse in this matter?

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what is an example of how you feel the lawyer has abused his authority?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
He has been very hurtfull in his manner towards me, is angery at times with me dont know why as I was leaving his office he whispered in my ear that he dident think I would recive any moneys...i couldent understand why he would wisper that in my ear as he was opening door to hall way for me. So I wrote him a letter, he never answerd me back, i called him and he still dident answer me and so much more! Why dosent he just tell me where i there an advoacte for the eldery i can contact hear in Laf. La.
You need to fire this attorney and hire a new one. you need to file a complaint with the state bar against him also. finally you can contact the attorney general's office elder abuse division. I hope this clarifies the issue for you. Please click "accept" so that I may receive credit for answering your question. I am still happy to answer your follow up questions at no extra cost. Be sure to request me in the future by typing "To Georgetown Lawyer" in the question. Thanks and best regards.
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