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My previous boss who was the president of the company was fired

Resolved Question:

My previous boss who was the president of the company was fired by the board. they rehired the previous owner and i'm now his assistant. He denies me for things that he approves others for similar things, he is making it very hostile for me, which i believe he wants to push me to quit. The HR director is his sister, who is also creating the same hostile work environment. I believe the president is racist by racist comments and jokes he makes to other, which is offensive to me since i'm hispanic. i would like to speak to an attorney to see if there is a hostile environment / racist situation and what i can do to combat this while i find another job.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Andrea, Esq. replied 6 years ago.


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In order to sue your employer for discrimination, you must first file a formal Complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commisssion. This formal Complaint must be filed within 180 from the date of the event constitutng discrimination. If you do not file this formal Complaint you will not be able to sue the employer for discrimintaiton. Your employer cannot do anything to you when you file your formal Complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If your employer even attempts to fire you, or take any other action against you in retaliation, your employer will suffer stiff penalites.


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