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Do I lose anything by contesting allegations of child abuse

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Do I lose anything by contesting allegations of child abuse by participating in the jurisdictional hearing for my 10.5 year old daughter rather than submitting to the language of the petition?Do I lose anything (i.e. later ability to appeal, or challenge fabricated evidence by social workers or reporting doctors) if I submit to the petition and do not contest the allegations of abuse at the jurisdictional hearing in California Dependency Court 2010?

We also tried a 3 hour mediation which got us nowhere, but the attorneys handled it mostly by themselves and we ran out of time with no change in the language of the petition!

I am being told to just give in because the situation is very adversarial and the evidence standard not in parents favor and I am in a particularly adversarial county with a history of problems because of this adversity.
Thanks for your question.You need to present your side of all of this would not give in to these guys.I would take the opportunity here in court with your lawyer to contest and seek a favorable outcome.Your lawyer should put you on the stand and allow you to testify about the facts as you see them and also what you believe to be best for the child and their interests here.Don't give in, and follow the lead of your lawyer to protect your legal rights and make your presentaiton.You may well prevail here based on the facts on your side.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My child has been residing with relatives for almost 5 months now, while I have maintained 4 hours a week of visitation. Your response was helpful in that you indicated I need my attorney to put me on the stand to tell the facts as I see them. Can you give any more detail here? Would you suggest putting anyone who has been unethical in a professional role as a reporter for my child's case on the stand? Does this allow me to sue them for damages? I am a Clinical Psychologist and I was slandered by a doctor giving me the Munchausens by Proxy label, and didn't learn about it until I had to struggle with 2 years of related problems while battling my own cancer. Should these people be put on the stand for brief questioning? I have suffered tremendously, particularly with regard to my physical health.
I think your lawyer should put these folks on the stand as they sustantiate your presentation.I am so sorryt hat you have had to go through all of this.I am sure that it can overwhelm anyone.Certainly you should try to meet with lawyer about what witnesses help your arguments here and any records you need from them
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I am planning to file at least one ethical complaint on an MD's license pertaining to slapping a label on me that was criminal when there was no evidence for it and I was battling cancer while in the role of a single older parent. If I call this MD to the stand under oath and she admits the truth that she acted recklessly or lies and tries to deny the lack of evidence, does this then allow me to sue her. You need to understand I am not a litigious person but this is an outrageously criminal act to have committed against me and my child and a complaint on her license just doesn't seem sufficient. It feels like I have been sexually molested by a priest. I'm not a justice monger but this MD and the crazy incompetent game I had to play was extremely cruel and has caused me permanent emotional harm.
Any testimony here by the doctor could certianly be used against them.You have a good idea to file the ethical complaint as well since you have facts to support the complaint.This is terrible what they have done to you.
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