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question. My boyfriend and I rented a car last week, unfortunately

Customer Question

question. My boyfriend and I rented a car last week, unfortunately on his way he ran over a dog, the car's radiator was broken. He had to call the company to send a tow truck but at the end he had to pay for it. Also when he ask for another car the company would not give it to him because I was not with him, so he had to take a cab to another city so he could rent another car. anyways he only had the car with him for 1 day and they took 528.00 from my cheking account and when I asked why? the lady from the Budget company told me that because the car was in another city they were charging me for the return of the car. I think that 528.00 is outrageous for only 1 day. She also pointed out that because the payment was made with my debit car officialy the contract was under my name and because i did not put my boyfriend as an additional driver they were taking these steps. I dont know if there is anything to do so I can get part of my money back as were told when we rented the car; because the fact is that my boyfriend made the reservation under his name and he signed the contract and I was not asked for my signature. we still have the original contract and all the info is under his name except that the payment was made with my debit card? is there any hope
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Lawgirl replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for your question.

To the extent that the car was damaged while rented under your name, you personally will be held financially responsible for paying the damage. To the extent that a new car is rented on a debit card, the facility can take a deposit. (Some rental agencies take deposits of $200-$300 when a debit card is used to secure the rental and any potential damage to the rental.)

Unfortunately, without listing your boyfriend as an additional driver, he had no legal ability to drive the vehicle. As such, you can be held financially responsible for all dealings with the vehicle.

To contest any of the charges, you will need to know every line item that is being charged by the company in order to assess its validity.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
well we put the rented car in our policy with allstate so the car was insured, and in teh rental contract it was everything under his name
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
so i dont understand why if everything was under his name and only the debit card was mine and I made the payment they are taking so much money from my accoun t
Expert:  Lawgirl replied 6 years ago.
If the car is covered, then make sure that you are not charged for repairs. To the extent that you are being financially penalized for your boyfriend driving the car when he was authorized, that can be contested.

In which case, you may need to review the line item charges of what you are being charged for to determine whether they got the amount correct. The amount does sound high for one day, so you will need to them to walk you through exactly what is being charged. It may simply be a mistake of a sales associate not understanding that the vehicle was covered under a different insurance policy, or it may be an overcharge. Either way, you are entitled to an in-depth discussion of what you are being charged for. Once you understand the charges you are in the best position to argue their inaccuracy and with this information, it is very possible that some of the charges that come to light may appear less than legitimate.

Please understand that on their paperwork they do not differentiate between your card and his name. They will bill the entirety of what is owed to the debit card that is on the account.