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Ive been offered a promotion that would require me to move

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I've been offered a promotion that would require me to move out of Los AngelesCounty with our son. I prepared (in pro per) an OSC for Modification and Child Custody, Vistation and Permission to Move with Child with my attached declaration.

I went to file the OSC and the clerk told me the hearing would be scheduled long after the effective start date of my new job. She suggested that I "go ex parte." We already have another matter (an unrelated motion ex-H filed) on calendar for Nov. 1st - is there a way to "go ex parte" and get this OSC heard at the same time?

If so, what forms do I need to complete?

Thanks so much for your time!
The clerk put you on the right direction. You need to file an ex parte application for an order shortening time to bring your motion. You need to go to your local law library to get the forms for doing this. It requires a notice to the other side that you are going to file the ex parte motion. It then requires a declaration from you as to why you need the motion heard on shortened time. In your case, that would be that you need to move. Then it requires that you declare that you have given the other side notice.

That is the hard part. Start with a call to the clerk of the Judge who is hearing your motion on November 1. Ask when he/she hears ex parte matters. You can have this heard on Tuesday if you can get it scheduled and give notice to the other side by 10am tomorrow. Otherwise, you can have it heard on Wednesday.

Good luck.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your response. I'm just unclear about 1 thing: When/how do I file the OSC? Do I attach it to the ex parte application for order shortening time? Or is it later? I'm confused - thanks!
You attach a copy of the OSC to the ex parte and explain to the court that this is what you need to file on shortened time.
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