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My child is being charged with theft for moving a bicycle

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My child is being charged with theft for: moving a bicycle from one bike rack at his school to another bike rack across the school. He was asked by a kid he did not know if he would help the kid move "his bike" to the bike rack closest to the tennis courts. The bike did not belong to the kid that asked my child to move it. My child was not aware that the bike was not the property of the kid that asked him to move it. The kid claiming it was his bike removed it from the rack and handed it to my child who rode it to the other side of the school and parked it. The person who owned the bike called the school and the school investigated the missing bike, found video footage of what i just described and i was called to pick up my child from the police department and sign him out after he had been charged with the crime. Now we have to go to court on it and I have no idea what to do. Ie: how should he plea, do I need to get him an attorney or is there a way to fight this on our own. I feel like an injustice has been done here, there was no criminal intent, no loss of property and my child is going to have a record of theft for trying to help a person. I really dont know what to do here.
-How old is your son?
-Does he have any record or has he been arrested before?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
He is 15. He turned him self in for possession of maijuana last March after my husband and I caught him with it. He did 6 months probation, never went to court over it and has never been in any other legal trouble, he is a good kid, gets good grades plays on the tennis team and I know he is telling the truth.
I am sorry your son is going through this.

You need to hire an attorney ASAP. Your son is going to have the marijuana possession on his record. So this is going to appear to be a 2nd issue with your son. A probation report could recommend some form of probation, but more likely it will recommend that he go through a program for juvenile offenders. Your best bet is to hire an atorney to help you prove that your son thought he was doing the right thing and helping someone. It will be difficult to prove, but it is your best chance.

Good luck.
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