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This Question is for Eli.Hi Eli i hope,that you remember me,i

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This Question is for Eli.Hi Eli i hope,that you remember me,i was talking to you online several times in regards XXXXX XXXXX son in law Immigration issue/ holding due to a history of criminal record.if you remember due to the fact,that he had a final order of removal from USA by the Immigration Judge,he was picked-up by ICE right after he finished serving his federal jail term,and he was considered as an aggravated felon. well in may of 2010 he was picked up by ICE, his immigration attorney was involved as far as you remember,i wrote few letters to the local congressman ,the ice has sent few requests to Russian Federation,and to Ukrainian consulate to take him back. and if you remember as you have told me,explained to me,that ICE will hold him at least 90 days,or maybe longer. so here is the following: approx 12 days before the 90 days,we received a call from his immigration attorney completely surpised by telling us/ the family to go and place an immigration bond of $5000.00(to which he was also not entiteled) and he was released on bond under supervised release. so right after we picked him up to take him home,a day later he went to local Immigration office to report/ to register. upon his arrival,the entire immigration parole/ probation team was completely lost, of how someone as aggravated felon,with final order of removal was removed on immigration bond especially before 90 days,and without any answers from Russia,or Ukraine yet. one of the officer was very mad,rude,was making statements,that he will send him back to the ICE holding location, then he made a remark,as he (ice) will transfer my son in law to a special russian dept. so at this point a russian/armenian officer came out and took my son in law file,and talked to him.he was ok with my son inlaw, meaning ,that he advised my son to make sure,that he stays away of troubles, he reports,and keeps all his appointments with ICE. and he scheduled a next appearance for my son to come to Immigration today on 09/30/2010. so today when my son arrived to ICE,he had to face the same guy who was originally very upset,mad,rude towards my son. he didn't spend that much time,or talking to my son, but he told him the following: that he want's my son to contact the consulate of Russia,and Ukraine directly and request them / apply for their country's passport's, request them to take him back,and bring some type of proof back to ICE by his next ICE appointment, that my son did so.even, that ICE did that directly them selfs, but as of right now,didn't get the answers, so what i would like to ask you to hear your opinion,of what we can do, what we have to do, where to go, because as you understand of the record: that my son can't go back, not just because he is married,and his wife is a native US Citizen, his family is here. to make it short, between our previous conversation i clearly understood you,that they will do the best to deport him from USA, but honestly i was not excpecting,that now one of this ICE officer will insist for my son to go directly him self to the consulates,and request for passport,or for them to take him back,or something like this. so please be so kind to share with me your professional opinion where to reffer, what to do,where to start,and etc...... thank you so much and looking forward to hear from you ASAP.(SPASIBO.)
Hello,So you are asking if that ICE officer has the power to personally request the necessary travel documents from Russia/Ukraine and/or still deport your son even though now he is on ongoing parole with ICE, correct?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Eli! no, what i'was trying to tell you,that besides,that ICE already requested the consulates,now they are trying to make my son go to consulate personally,or by mail to ask/ apply for passport,for permission to go back.
I understand. Yes, they can indeed make this part of the parole. Since their requests have not come to fruition, they are requesting that he does so himself. Now, it is highly unusual that they do this, but perhaps due to his background, not completely unheard of. He should follow the instructions, no mozhno delat' tak chto bi' emy ne dali dokumenti iz consulate - maneri, zabivenye melkix vesehi kotorie nuzhni for the documents - they can deny him personally, too.

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