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I live in the state of Missouri. I have been seperated from

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I live in the state of Missouri. I have been seperated from my legal husband for 13 years. I have not seen or had any contact with him at all. When I went to get a copy of my divorce papers in order to obtain a marrage certificate, I was told that my divorced was never filed. I had a copy of the full divorce papers and unfortunatly lost them over the years and can not prove that I have been divorced. Now I am pregnant with my partner of the past six years and have learned that I will not be granted a divorce while pregnant in the state of missouri. I am concerned about the name of the father that will be placed on the birth certificate and need to know how I can have the biological father and my partner of the last six years appear as the father on the birth certificate and not my estranged husband of the last 13 years. Any direction would be most helpful.
There is a legal presumption that all children born during a marriage are the children of the husband. However you can place the biological father's name on the birth certificate at time of birth. If you don't place a father's name on the birth certificate then legally the child is presumed to be your husband's child.
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