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I represent a company. We have a sitting Texas District Court

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I represent a company. We have a sitting Texas District Court Judge who owes us money ($8,000) on a past due charge account for fuel purchases and she will not pay it. Simply because she doesn't think she has to. When we contacted her by phone for a collection call, she said we could be sued for calling her. We are not a collection agency, we are the original creditor and we do have the right to contact our customers when they are past due and won't pay their bills. It appears she is using her position as a district judge to intimdate us from taking any actions. Do we have to sue this judge in order to get relief? Or can we file a complaint of judicial misconduct with the state of Texas for her failure to pay her bill and let the state investigate the matter? We do have a signed credit agreement by her, when she opened the account.

Thanks for your question.You have right to send demand letter and file a civil suit.You are going to have trouble finding a lawyer to file such a lawsuit.You can try a judicial complaint--hey it doesn't cost anything.And I wouldn't be adverse to going to the media about it.All of these are potential options.

File here

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So, if the media/public found out about this, could she turn around and sue us for 'un-authroized release of credit info" or something like that?
If you sue here then its public record.Also truth here is absolute defense to any kind of defamation suit.I woudl hire lawyer and send demand letter seeking payment including your legal fees.And file your complaint.You can file in small claims here without a lawyer up to $10k.This would be cheapest way.The forms on this site are good state wide in Texas.

Edited by RayAnswers on 10/1/2010 at 3:58 AM EST
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