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no solicitation

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no solicitation
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry, I didn't enter the whole question. I run a men's amateur baseball league in Florida, and there are all of these new leagues popping up now, and all of them try taking all of my teams. All of our info is online at and all of the teams have their own websites and put their email addresses online in order to recruit new players for their teams. Anyways, the new leagues just to all of the teams websites and get the manager of each teams website and send them all invites to play in their leagues or invites to their tournaments. I haven't lost any teams yet, but its extremely annoying that I put in all the work to build my business and all the new leagues want to take the easy route and just try to take what I've built. Is there anything I can include on my main website, plus a little note on every single team website that no one is to solicitate their business or something? Is there some sort of law or anything I can say that really is enforceable if people continue to try to take my teams or invite them to tournaments, etc.?
I appreciate your situation. Losing business after putting time is not right. If you have contracts with teams and players, what you can do is having local counsel send a letter reminding them of those obligations. If an outside party or league seeks to interfere you could also have the lawyer send a cease and desist letter and then sue to enjoin them based on theory of tortious interference with contract. I would refer to existing agreements generally in the site so as to warn potential competitors.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok, I think a last question I could have is.......Is there anything logically and legally that I can say though on my site that says No solicitation or would that really be just pretty worthless? Every team and player is under contract but they're not obligated to only play in my league. I've spent lots of money on advertising and thats how I've grown to what I have now. No one else does that in this business and now I see they just use my site to copy what I have to put on their site. Plus in addition every couple of days they send out mass emails to all my teams offering special prices and rates etc for them go play in their league. Thanks for your help....and I will accept your answer. I've been thinking for the past couple of days if I can write anything on my website that states that there is no solicitation at all to anyone and everything must go through the league and not indiviidual teams. Thanks..
I frankly do not see much value to any comment on the site. If your agreements are being interfered with through such mailings, I would have a lawyer generally send a cease and desist letter. The cost would come in drafting the first and then can simply been sent automatically and cheaply to other potential individuals.
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