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Hi I am born in USA and raised 38years in Scotland ,now been

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Hi I am born in USA and raised 38years in Scotland ,now been in Texas 9 years.I have been working ina profession since i have been in USA ,,,I have worked several different companies in Fragrance Business,,One of the companies i worked for ,,four years and quit in Feb2010,,,i hired on with another company and serve same clients my previous company served[Macys Stores|}The business i am in is very competative ,,however on going to one of my stores the first day,,my boss recieved an email from the floor manager behind my back ,,asking if i would be servicing the store ,,as i "had confrontation" with "previous companies people",,I was utterly shocked,,my boss said she just wanted me to know about it.And since then everytime i go to that store,,,people are trying to make me uncomfortabl;e in my job,,talking about me behind my back to others making up things which are not true,,,,the person i believe who is starting this is a previous collegue in past company,,she sees me on the workfloor as a professional rival,,we the perfume ladies in stores,,i worked hard for her company ,,but now am on the other side ,,she doesnt want me in that store.She has been in this profession longer and same store for 20 years and behaves like her company should mnopolise the business,,my previous company,,i am good at my job,,i dont work any different from when i worked for previous comapany,,i feel that i am being defamed against and how do i go about doing something about it,,without fear of not being able to woprk in this business
i fel these things are detriment to my reputation and feel like im being forced to change a job i love,,can u advise me ??Thankyou very much Jayne Hinds
Thanks for your question.You would need a local lawyer here to send demand letter to this person threatening defamation suit.But then you may worsen the situation with the stores.But certainly you have the right to do so here and even file such suit if you can locate witnesses to these false statements to others.I am so sorry that these persons have treated you this way.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thankyou for your reply,,apppreciate it as i feel so alone in this situation.Would a lawyer ask the manager of store to produce the person who has been saying things to her about me??

I m,ean would the person who acted on hearsay ie the floor manager, have to tell my lawyer who said what??? And my own boss has e,mail saying i was confrontational when i clearly have not been.,,wouldnt store manager need proof of that to be sending emails to my boss??

The lawyer may ask questions here and do some quiet investigating to locate who is defaming you in this matter.I think that this is horrible what they are doing to you.You do not deserve to be treated this way.You have acted professionally and these people are petty and mean spirited ot put it nicely.Consider meeting with lawyer to send demand letters.You may well back them off here.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
also theres ppl ,,who work for previous company asking questions about my life from other company employees,,ie "saying thes things that could get me removed from my store and im very frightened of even going to work knowing they are trying to "push my buttons" Im not responding but its taking a toll on me healthwise ,i have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks ,,,due to the worry of me being manipulated unawares kind of thing,,i came to USA afte being through a tragic life in Scotland hoping to have the life which had been denied to me and my family while trapped in Scotland ,,i pay my taxes and worked hard and feel very overlooked and ignored for my efforts i have all the emails from company and every transaction i made in every ccompany i have worked for yet cannot get forward,,this is not the USA i always dreamed of.I am a patriot however .Thankyou for your help i appreciate it very much i did not know where to turn as i am here by myself in USA .Jayne Hinds