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When a Doctor charts incorrect information into a patients

Customer Question

When a Doctor charts incorrect information into a patients chart that is incorrect (not true) do you have the right to make them correct it? What is the reference code, #, etc of the code law. Can a Doctor correct the chart or does the patient have to give the Dr. the correction sheets to be inserted. What if a Docotr refusses to make the correction?
Submitted: 6 years ago via Cornell Legal Info Institute.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Steinlaw replied 6 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
Steinlaw :

You can send a letter to the doctor asking that the information be corrected and that the letter be inserted into the file. That is the easiest way to handle this.

JACUSTOMER-6septrsw- :

I have done this and sent it certified, RRR. I inturn got a letter back from Dr. (certified) stating I want to alter the chart which is not correct This Doctor does not listen and I have terminated the Dr. and Dr. has terminated me , Dr. states she does not feel comfortable with me. My feeling is she is a new Doctor and does not want her mistakes pointed out. . But, Doctor refuses to correct MY CHART!!! She missed my diagnosis, sent me to PT for 5-6 weeks. I kept telling her my foot really hurt. Found out 11 weeks later my foot was fractured. This was after I insisted on other test/MRI.

JACUSTOMER-6septrsw- :

I need additonal information from you on case code number ....I know the patient has a right to have their charts CORRECT....I would like from you the correct case/law reference number. Thank you!

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Expert:  Steinlaw replied 6 years ago.
There is no case law on point and your problem is not correcting the record. Your problem is that you were misdiagnosed. You need to see a new doctor, get the proper diagnose, then talk to a medical malpractice attorney. You have a case for malpractice, not a case for a wrong note. The chart note helps your malpractice case and you dont want it fixed now.