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MY thirteen year old son is no angel ,his grade are good and

Customer Question

MY thirteen year old son is no angel ,his grade are good and he is on the football team,They are learning sexual Harrasment in school now ,well one of the other boys told him to ask a 13 year old girl if she would give him a hand job I am not proud of this, I have always told him to not even cuss in front of a girl this never crossed my mind,well he went to get on the bus this morning every thing was fine he said this to the girl last week I found out today when he ran home crying l could not beleive what he told m the Mother of the girl went to the bus stop and infront of all the kids threatend to cut his penis off ,she used the d... word and strangle him with it ,I read his face book and hes told plenty of girls to leave him alone he didnt like them they cused him out like sailors,They are kids,was what that women threatened illegal,I have never cussed a child out to say something like that as a mother I am so angry,I feel like she voilated him sewxaully verberly,I need to know did she break the law all the kids at the bus stop including her daughter heard it.Help out a broken haerted mother that feels like she needs legal get justification for her only child he has no father in his life,Its only him and me no family but us,if you knw the law on this please let me now.I need legal advice not health.could you please direct this to legal this is urgent for me to know.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  RobertJDFL replied 6 years ago.
The mother's comments to your son to inflict bodily injury upon him could be considered a criminal assault (making a threat of physical harm). You might consider contacting the police and filing a police report.

You could also take out a restraining order against the woman if you feel that she may be a threat or danger to your son or your family. You don't need an attorney for this -you can get the forms from the Clerk of the Court and fill them out yourself.

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