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Is it illegal to chat to a minor No sexual content whatsoever.

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Is it illegal to chat to a minor ? No sexual content whatsoever. (I knew she was 13 beforehand so I did not advance in any way.)
This would depend on the circumstances can you share more about the situation?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I asked her whether she wanted to chat. She said Ok. Later she told me she was 13 and was on her aunts computer.She also told me a guy there wanted something sexual, but then she told him she was 13 and he stopped talking. I asked her what grade she was in, and that I didnt believe her to be 13, so whether she would show her face (I specifically mentioned "only face"). However, this did not happen; she did not have a cam. I never showed or mentioned anything sexual to her.
After that her aunt came and started shouting at me and calling me a sicko. I was not searching for underage girls or wanted anything sexual from this one. Am I in trouble ?

Hello, thanks for the additional information. I am assuming you are not a minor. Well having such conversation can place you at risk for being charged with Impairing the Morals of a Minor or enticing a minor, these are criminal charges. Either of these charges can be serious and mean jail time.


Having conversation with minors over the inter net places you at high risk. I would srongly recommend that you discontinue such behaviors. The conversation does not have to be sexual but asking a child to show her face could very well create a situation for you whereby you are influencing the child to act out behaviors.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have no intention of doing this in the future (or had in the past). I had some questions after which I agree to pay the fee :

1) If the child's aunt does press charges (as she threatened to), within how much time will I be notified ?
2) I knew the rules very well; so when she told me that there was a guy who wanted her to show herself, I replied that he probably did not know that she was 13. Since I did not (at any point) indicate anything sexual, is it really a crime to just chat with minors ? Have there been any cases like this you know of ?


If the aunt bring charges you most likely will not get notice until an arrest. You also do not know what allegations the aunt will bring forth.if any..But she will need to show a crime was committed.Just talking to a child would not be a crime in itself but other factors may play a part such as what chat room did you meet the child , was it for minors, sports,hobbies,etc. This may show intent.


Many sex offender laws are wide spread and far reaching.Asking her to show her face would be an indicator and open for interpretation. Yes there is case law whereby adults having chats with minors have been arrested,however an arrest is not a conviction. This is a hot topic and law enforcement as well as parents will react to such even if sex was not mentioned in the conversation. But chances this would not create a conviction if the facts are as you stated.

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