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How can I get a copy of a discovery in a on going case and

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How can I get a copy of a discovery in a on going case and how can I find out who the public defender of a case is going to be? What actions would a defendent take if they are not happy with the public defender that was assigned a case?
You can call the public defender's office to find out who is assigned. Once their lawyer has been assigned and filed a discovery request, then the defendant can request a copy of the discovery that was served by the State. You are not entitled to request a copy of discovery unless you are the defendant. If a defendant feels that he is not being adequately represented, he can ask the court to appoint new counsel. He will most likely have to articulate the specific reasons why he feels counsel is ineffective (generic answers will not suffice in a situation like this).
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What are examples of reasons to give the judge for ineffective counsel? Would it be enough that you don't think the are trying or representing u to the best of there ability do to a lot of other cases and u would like another or that u think they just want to plea u out and don't care. Is there anyway to find private counsel that takes cases probono??? thank youInnocenttitle="Innocent"/>
That's not a very specific reason. Most defendants don't think their public defender is representing them to the best of their ability even when they are, because realistically, most of the time they expect miracles that even private attorneys cannot produce. Ineffective lawyers don't meet with their clients ever, don't take their phone calls, don't file appropriate motions, haven't looked into potential witnesses given by the defendant, etc. To request substitute counsel, a defendant would have to cite specific examples like that.

There are very few resources for pro bono criminal work because that is what the public defender's office is for. But you can contact the California state bar to see if they have a list of attorneys who do pro bono work and then you can start contacting those people. If you have a law school in your area, you may also want to contact them and see if they have a criminal defense clinic. Clinic students usually work hard for their clients and they are supervised by real lawyers.
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