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I was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease five years ago. At

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I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease five years ago. At first I only had tremor in my left hand but now I have tremors in both hands and am having balance problems. My typing and hand writing has gotten much worse. I am an executive with a large company and my job requires me to travel a lot and act as customer representative. I do not travel well and my communication skills are diminishing rapidly. I have long term disability (LTD) insurance that will pay 2/3 of my salary if i can no longer perform the duties of my specific job. My neurologist says that my condition has worsened to the point that he agrees I can no longer function in my assigned duties. However, when I informed my Human Resources department of my doctor's advice, I was told that in their experience it is VERY DIFFICULT to actually collect on Group Long Term Disability policies. In your dealings with other people with serious disease like Parkinson's - is it difficult to apply for an be approved for LTD assistance? How are these cases decided?
Thanks for your question.LTD insurance companies are like other insurance companies.They are always looking to deny you.But certainly you have legitimate debilitating disability and really in my mind little choice but to try.You may want to consider a lawyer here if you are denied in this situation.Gather as much medical information to submit as you can especially as to current conditions that prohibit you from performing your job.I think you have to try for this here knowing that you will have to fight for it and that ther may be roadblocks along the way.I am so sorry that you have had to suffer through all of this as I am sure it can be overwhelming here.Take ti one step at a time and file if you need to and see where it goes.
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