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I need help to help my son in the situation he is in with hi

Customer Question

I need help to help my son in the situation he is in with his mother.
I filed for joint custody but the condition he is in when he is with his mother cannot wait.
I tried:
1) Persistent phone calls and text.
My son's mother says the time I said I will pick him up is ok but then mother changes mind and not respond to my calls and text.
2) Filed for joint custody, but my son needs help now. Every time I picked him up, he is dirty, no personal hygiene. I believe he is on his own, has to bathe himself and also not told about what he has to do, especially on bowel movement. His underwear is soiled, appearance really dirty. I believe my son is suffering from neglect.
3) When he is with me, he is terrified every time he misbehaves that I tell him I am calling his mom. He has a very terrified look and begs me not to do that.
I also heard how his mother disciplines him excessively. I believe he is being abused.
I am willing to go to counseling with my son so I'll know what to do to take care of him.
I am willing to request for full custody for him to recover from these neglect and abuse.
Please help me by directing me to the proper path. I love my son very much. I want to give him a better life. He deserves it.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Andrea, Esq. replied 7 years ago.

If you believe that your son is being abused and is suffering from neglect, you must file 2 Petitions together - file a Petition for Custody and an Emergency Petition for Special Relief and ask for a Temporary Custody Order, alleging exactly what you have written in your facts. These Petitions are granted and a Temporary Custody Order is signed within 24 to 48 hours because Judges would rather be safe than sorry. You will have custody of your child until the hearing date arrives for the Petition for Custody.





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