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i parked a car in a paid parking lot, received a ticket, and

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i parked a car in a paid parking lot, received a ticket, and left to go shopping. When I returned the attendant rushed to the car, started it and was ready to pull it out. I told him I would move the car, he started to step out, but left the car in gear. As he was half in and out, the car rolled forward into a lanein the lot leading you towards the exit hitting a car while he tried to get the brakes on. Who is at fault and will I (the owner of the vehicle but not behind the wheel at the time of the incident) be charged with 51% fault and receive a "point" if any?_Will I be assigned that dreaded "point" with my insurance company?
Thanks for your question.To me the lot attendant here is clearly liable for damage to both vehicles.He failed to put it in gear and was negligent in this matter.I can't see that you r insurance company here would pay at all or charge you for this.You were not at fault the lot attendant was.I think they shoudl pay all here.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for your quick reply. That's what logic told me.....I just don't want a point applied to my insurance for 3 years and a hike in insurance you think they will up my premium for handling the claim? Insurance companies can be so frustrating....and beside I get the good driver discount :(
I think that if your insurance pays here they go after parking lot here for subrogation for what they paid out.They are clearly liable here and should have to pay.
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