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Is there a way to have motions heard BEFORE the trail date

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Is there a way to have motions heard BEFORE the trail date?
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Yes, depending upon the court and/or judge rules you may be able to file the motion before the trial date.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for answering...The motion was filed before the court date...However the court says that all motions are heard on the day of the trail. Is there any way around this?
What that means is the motions will be argued before the trial is set to begin - so if you are successful in your motion, the case could be dismissed or whatever remedy you are seeking could be granted. This is normally done as a cost saving way by the Court instead of possibly delaying a trial some courts will just hear oral arguments before the trial to determine if all issues and motions pertaining to the case have been resolved. _ There is no way of getting around this especially if it is a court rule - you can attempt to possibly file an Order to Show Cause which at times places motions on a fast track and on the calendar quickly, however since your case has a trial date, they will likely refer the motion for the date of the trial
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